Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The way I see it...

Japan, Egypt, Pirates, Drug Wars, Civil Wars, Cuba, Yemen, and Libya- Just a tiny pixel in the Grand Scheme of what is really happening in our world today.

I sat at my desk pondering these world events, and comparing the reality of my own immediate discomfort caused by many of them (fuel prices, stock losses, and  general fear of watching any man suffer) and some serious thoughts came to mind. I would dare say that many people like me, have long recognised the "need" for change in the world. I truly believe there are many people who are out there fighting everyday to be that change, Im starting to wonder if we are able to recognise what that "change" will look like.

Japan is suffering, and my heart breaks for them. Never in my life has a Natural Disaster caught my attention so strongly. But looking forward, I view Japan as country with a strong history of recovery, and progress. The survivors will undoubtedly step forward, honour their losses and build and rebuild their great culture.

Civil wars, or uprisings of torn nations being brought to the spotlight: Its a sign of the progress of people demanding equality.
Political injustice: Is our call to action, we have a voice, make it be heard.

I guess the way I see it:  all hope is NOT lost! We are on the cusp of many great things to come, and each process further strengthens our worlds ability to progress.

What can we do now? I say: "Get off our asses, and become the change we demand to see in this world"


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