Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The way I see it...

Japan, Egypt, Pirates, Drug Wars, Civil Wars, Cuba, Yemen, and Libya- Just a tiny pixel in the Grand Scheme of what is really happening in our world today.

I sat at my desk pondering these world events, and comparing the reality of my own immediate discomfort caused by many of them (fuel prices, stock losses, and  general fear of watching any man suffer) and some serious thoughts came to mind. I would dare say that many people like me, have long recognised the "need" for change in the world. I truly believe there are many people who are out there fighting everyday to be that change, Im starting to wonder if we are able to recognise what that "change" will look like.

Japan is suffering, and my heart breaks for them. Never in my life has a Natural Disaster caught my attention so strongly. But looking forward, I view Japan as country with a strong history of recovery, and progress. The survivors will undoubtedly step forward, honour their losses and build and rebuild their great culture.

Civil wars, or uprisings of torn nations being brought to the spotlight: Its a sign of the progress of people demanding equality.
Political injustice: Is our call to action, we have a voice, make it be heard.

I guess the way I see it:  all hope is NOT lost! We are on the cusp of many great things to come, and each process further strengthens our worlds ability to progress.

What can we do now? I say: "Get off our asses, and become the change we demand to see in this world"


Monday, February 14, 2011

I am Equal

Some time ago a friend of mine posted a social media profile picture that caught my attention. I asked him about it, and he explained to me about the “I am equal” project. For as long as I can remember I have had strong feelings about Equality on several fronts, including rights for individuals with special needs, families without access to adequate medical services, marriage equality, and international civil rights.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare and challenging form of Cancer, a wise friend calmly reminded me that I am the same person I have always been, but there was now a name for what had been making me sick. And now much the same as that day, I am the same person I have always been, and there is a name for the change I want to see in this world… Equality.

Now it’s my turn, to take my stand in support of equality. No matter your physical or mental limitations, socioeconomic status, sexual identity, or cultural beliefs, now is your chance to share your message of Equality

What the I am equal project has given us is much more than just an amazingly brilliant photo, it’s more like the golden baton on an earth sized relay. It cannot stop here! I have been given a tool for sharing, educating, and proclaiming my belief in Equality, and inviting others to do the same.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When its time to move beyONd...

Its been a long time without any new posts.... Sorry about that!

Recent events in life have left me realizing that I am spending way to much of my time, and energy involved in somethings that are not going anywhere. We often hear the phrase "its time to move on"...

I would like to think that my months of effort, dedication, and hard work will not be lost. But rather, they can be taken on by someone else, who is ready for them. I dont want them to go away, its just time for me to move "beyond" them.

Its hard when you put your heart into something, giving it 110%, and just "knowing" it is going to work... And then you start to see it crumble. People start making decisions about things that they dont understand, and you cant stop them.

People create lies, when the truth would have served them better.
Then their people you have proven time, and time again that you can be trusted, and will give it your all, begin to waiver from your advice.

For weeks I have been trowing my hands in the air, and reminding myself "this isnt my problem to fix" but then I remember all the effort I have given to the cause. My countless hours of unpaid time, my unsolicited analysis of every turn thats been made, and even sticking my neck out by speaking out against decisions being made.

For me, for now, it is time to move beyond....

Where is beyond?

Well thats to be discovered, (or disclosed at a later time ;)
I hope that beyond is really, the last stop.
That it will be the place that finally gets me what I want in life.
My beyond will be full of what makes me smile.
Beyond will be a place where I can give 110% everyday, and still feel full of life.

A place where giving it all, doesn't mean leaving with nothing.

If you need me... look somewhere beyond the rainbow! :)

Well that felt nice... I should get back to writing more.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sometimes its nice to know people are listening...

Its the magic of blogging, days, weeks, or even months later, your thoughts are there for all the world to read. (If you only knew what I DON'T write on here!)

I was contacted today by a very nice person who commented that by post about Josie was "Moving". You never can tell what your words will do to a person. I have been known to offend people without even trying, I would like to think I am getting a little better at that.

Writing for me is certainly not a lifelong desire, much less a strong point. I consider myself much smarter in person that in words. (My grammar, and dyslexia attest to that). However it is very nice to know, that your thoughts might mean something to someone else.

This last week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. Work is absolutely INSANE right now. I wake up each morning dreading the excitement that is to come, yet I find myself showing up early for work almost daily.

I busted out the road bike, and my Rommies went shopping and came home with their own! We are now a biking family! We actually have spent allot of time together recently, we have very distinct lives, but we all get along. One of them has an awesome Girlfriend who keeps us all in line, the other has a Girlfriend who is gone to study in London for the summer, and then there is me. (Hee-man, woman hater)

I know I left yall hanging on my Kyoto protocol opinion, but I will get that out soon. Trust me, my opinon has been established, I just need to get it into words!

Thats all for today!


Friday, May 14, 2010

A year older, and approaching that time of year...

Last summer sucked, lets face it. And a repeat would be unacceptable.

My birthday was a bit Lame, but I do not know what I expected. When you spend everyday doing anything you want to do anyway, it become a little difficult to "celebrate" And I cant say I have thrown any wild parties for anyone else lately so I certainly didn't have anyone owing me anything in that dept.

As may quickly approaches the half way mark, I can help but recall, some of what was going down this time last year. Uncle Will was in trouble, and we were just starting to realize it. And I was still ignoring that odd little pain I had in my side. I dont think we need graphic reminders of where things went from there.

I was watching a Video on Hulu the other night (as I do almost every night) and there was a add for "City of Hope" talking about treating rare cancers, and saving lives. As much as I hated that place, I have to admit, I cried like a baby for a good 30 mins in my bed. I was such a tough guy back then! But if (or when as my Doctor likes to remind me*) I were to ever attempt that again, things would be different. I think.

*I am in no way implying that "it" has returned or that I expect it too. However Doc. Rassmussen is very adamant that I understand the "probability" of it returning, and the importance of follow up.

Much like those years in Mexico, and walking alone in Puerto Rico, things happen, that I probably will never talk about. Dont need too, dont want too. Its those things that make us who we are.
I made some great friends, and lost some great friends, but in the end it has gotten me where I am today.

Having lost more than many will ever have, and having given more than I had to give, and having been given more than I ever deserved has gotten me to what is for now, the happiest time of my life.

My mind is full of random thoughts, and I enjoy them. My body feels better than it has in a long time, and I enjoy it! My spirit is buoyed with hope of even greater things to come. I have direction, I have purpose, I have hope, and I am broke, such a pleasant combination!

For the last few weeks now, I have been able to function after a fulls days work, and even enjoy staying out late a few nights a week. My weekends have been amazingly full of random activities, and I can actually enjoy them instead of just praying that I dont barf, and holding a big tough boy smile on my face for all the world to see!

I haven't visited my lil Princessa niece Emma for a good long while, and alas my bronchitis has cleared up so I hope to get down there in the next few weeks. I miss torturing her.

Well its been alot of fun! But I gotta go conquer the world!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have long been known for my head full of random facts, and often seemingly pointless information. Recently some of the work folks sorta jokingly called me "Josh-ipidiea" and while I am reluctant to compare myslef to an encyclopedia, I will say that the biggest reason I am able to find awnsers to things is because I LOOK.

I spend a great deal of my mental capacity thinking through 100 different scenarios for any given situation, and then I try and solve each of them. You cant be affraid to try! I have destroyed my share of things, but I really think that for the most part those "sacrifices" have paid off. I have learned my limits, and my resources. I mean this is 2010 so WHEN I get stumped I generaly turn to my "bag of tricks" like the few hundred people on my Facebook list. And if I cant find someone there who specializes in my problem, I turn to the ole google... Lets face it, in this day in age, funding is the only thing that keeps most of us from building our own space ships based on Googled instructions.

I am loving my job, and they seem to be tolerating my daily demands for a raise, and some hardware upgrades. I think they have learned that I always show up the next morning no matter how many times they regect me. LOL

Spent the weekend helping my Dad do some landscaping modification to Grandmas house. We spent a great deal of time exploring the Volcanic side of Millard County... Always a treat!

I realized today I am not doing so well with the follow up with some of my recently reconnected old friends. I have had several really exciting friends find me latley, and I have been a bit of a lame about getting them all caught up on my life...

I have a birthday comming up! WooHoo?!? I want to go on a Cruise, buy a new Mtn. Bike, and make passionate love to some amazing lover for hours on end to Celebrate. But I am guessing, Ill head down to be with the family, have a steak dinner, and go to bed early. Thats just the way it seems to work these days...

On a side note, I got a new mouse for my work computer today... Its AWESOME!

Love yall!


Monday, April 19, 2010

I cant wait to let me 6 year old drive my 3 year old around on the 4 Wheeler...

NOT! Your a complete dumbass if you have ever even thought about doing that. Lets review a few scenarios.

Scenario A: 6 year old makes it around camp, over a few dunes, and down to the candy store and back with lil brother on the back without any trouble. No one get hurts life is good. 6 year old gains confidence in his riding ability, and decides to take the neighbors 4 year old to the Candy Store next time. The dont stop at the stop sign, get T boned by a Truck hauling a Horse Trailer, both Children Die. Your 6 year old just killed the Neighbor boy.

Scenario B: 6 year old Crashes just outside of Camp, not a bad crash, but enough to scare everyone. No one is seriously injured, and the 4 wheeler is just fine. But because the 6 year old realizes he just hurt his little brother he Never wants to ride again. And the 3 year old will always be afraid of Kids just a little older than him. Dont think so? Try it I dare ya. You know own a Kids sized four wheeler that will not be used, and you couldnt conciously risk another familys Children by selling it to someone else.

You get my point folks. Kids are fun. ATV's are fun. But wrecked ATV's and Hurt Kids are about the 2 worst things I can think of at the moment.

Wear you helmet, dont be stupid, and drink lots of fluid! Enjoy the Ride.